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What Does the Future Hold for Rare-Earth Supply, Demand and Pricing?

You hardly need me to point out that the rare-earth junior mining sector is in a challenging place right now. The current state of rare-earth prices and their impact on the market cap of pretty much every company in the sector, has everyone concerned.

Are things going to get better? Are future rare-earth prices going to reach the numbers predicted in recent scoping and pre-feasibility studies? What will be the effects of the ongoing crackdown on illegal mining in China? What will the demand profile for individual rare earths really be, in the not-too-distant future?

These questions and more like them, were the basis of a 12-month-long ‘deep-dive’ study of the rare-earth sector by Adamas Intelligence. Adamas recently concluded that study and has published its findings in a 573-page report, titled “Rare Earth Market Outlook: Supply, Demand and Pricing from 2014-2020“.

I recently got together with Ryan Castilloux, founder of Adamas and the lead author on the report (which also looks at the period 2008-2013), to discuss some of its major findings.

We put together a 30-minute video of the discussion, which gets into the structure and content of the report, as well as featuring key data and charts to describe top-level data.

REMO [1]
The good news? The market and prices are set to bounce back, particularly in the face of growing demand for individual rare earths, for specific applications.

Ryan has done a masterful job with this report, which is just about the most comprehensive review of the rare-earth sector that I’ve ever seen.

You can access the free video by clicking here [1] or by clicking the image above. Get in touch with us [2] if you have any questions on the discussion, or the report itself; and look out for details of a second video that we’re working on, discussing some exciting emerging end-use applications for rare earths, which could have a further positive impact on rare-earth demand before 2020.