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TMR is first and foremost interested in the graphite sector from the strategic point of view. We are interested in the potential value that specific natural-graphite deposits and their development could have, in the furtherance of the needs and demands of the overall technology supply chain.

The TMR Advanced Graphite Projects Index consists of natural-graphite projects currently underway around the world, which have been formally defined as mineral resources or reserves under the guidelines of a relevant scheme such as NI 43-101 or the JORC Code.

The Index, last updated on September 22, 2015, currently consists of 36 graphite mineral resources, associated with 33 advanced graphite projects, 25 companies and located in 10 countries, as shown in the table below.

Including the projects on the Index, TMR is currently monitoring a total of 331 graphite projects under development associated with 159 companies in 31 countries.

Advanced Graphite Projects

ProjectLocationOwnerTicker Symbol(s)GuidelinesAlbanyCANOntarioZenyatta Ventures Ltd.TSX.V:ZENNI 43-101Balama EastMOZCabo DelgadoSyrah Resources Ltd.ASX:SYRJORCBalama NorthMOZCabo DelgadoTriton Minerals LimitedASX:TONJORCBalama WestMOZCabo DelgadoSyrah Resources Ltd.ASX:SYRJORCBissett CreekCANOntarioNorthern Graphite CorporationTSX.V:NGC, OTCBB:NGPHFNI 43-101CampoonaAUSSouth AustraliaArcher Exploration Ltd.ASX:AXEJORCCoosaUSAAlabamaAlabama Graphite Corp.CNSX:ALP, OTCQX:ABGPFNI 43-101DuwiMWICentral MalawiSovereign Metals LimitedASX:SVMJORCEpankoTZAMorogoroKibaran Resources LimitedASX:KNLJORCGeumamKORChungcheongnamLamboo Resources Ltd.ASX:LMBJORCGraphite CreekUSAAlaskaGraphite One Resources, Inc.TSX.V:GPH, OTCQX:GPHOFNI 43-101JalkunenSWELaplandTalga Resources LimitedASX:TLGJORCKambaleGHAUpper West RegionCastle Minerals LimitedASX:CDTJORCKearneyCANOntarioOntario Graphite Co.N/ANI 43-101Kookaburra GullyAUSSouth AustraliaLincoln Minerals LimitedASX:LMLJORCKoppioAUSSouth AustraliaLincoln Minerals LimitedASX:LMLJORCKringelSWEGävleborgFlinders Resources Ltd.TSX.V:FDRNI 43-101Lac GuéretCANQuebecMason Graphite CorpTSX.V:LLGNI 43-101Lac KnifeCANQuebecFocus Graphite Inc.TSX.V:FMS, OTXQX:FCSMF, F:FKCNI 43-101LochaberCANQuebecGreat Lakes Graphite Inc.TSX.V:GLKNI 43-101LoharanoMDGToamasinaStratMin Global Resources plcAIM:STGRJORCMcIntosh Target 1AUSWestern AustraliaLamboo Resources Ltd.ASX.LMBJORCMerelani EastTZAArushaKibaran Resources LimitedASX:KNLJORCMoloMDGAtsimo-AndrefanaEnergizer Resources Inc.TSX:EGZ, OTCBB:ENZRNI 43-101Mousseau WestCANQuebecGraniz Mondal Inc.TSX.V:GRA.HNI 43-101NachuTZALindiMagnis Resources LimitedASX:MNSJORCNunasvaaraSWELaplandTalga Resources LimitedASX:TLGJORCRaitajärviSWELaplandTalga Resources LimitedASX:TLGJORCSamcheokKORGangwonLamboo Resources Ltd.ASX:LMBJORCTaehwaKORGangwonLamboo Resources Ltd.ASX:LMBJORCUleyAUSSouth AustraliaValence Industries LimitedASX:VXLJORCWilclo SouthAUSSouth AustraliaArcher Exploration Ltd.ASX:AXEJORCYalbra (JV)AUSWestern AustraliaBuxton Resources Ltd.ASX:BUXJORCYalbra (JV)AUSWestern AustraliaMontezuma Mining Company Ltd.ASX:MZMJORC

In addition to the grade and in-situ quantity, the size distribution of graphite flake within a resource is a critical parameter for evaluating its value. In general, the larger the flake size, the more valuable the graphite.Characterizing a graphite deposit in terms of flake size, however, is something of an arbitrary process; graphite is categorized according to the mesh sieves through which material does or does not pass. There are a wide range of mesh sizes available, and unfortunately there is no standard set of mesh size ranges in use. Furthermore, there is no consistency from one company to another in the use of terms such as “large”, “medium” or “fine” to describe categories of flake size (at least one company uses a mesh size range that it describes as “large flake”, which other companies categorize as “medium flake”, further confusing matters).

This means that unlike, for example, the rare-earths sector, where we can easily compare the relative distribution of individual rare-earth elements between deposits, comparing flake size distributions between projects is not straightforward.

Therefore, instead of a simple comparison chart for flake-size distributions, we present the published data and comments for the projects above as follows:

ProjectFlake size distributionAlbanyHydrothermal (non-flake) deposit.Balama East2.4% @ +50 mesh (98.2% Cg); 32.7% @ -50/+80 mesh (97.5% Cg); 26.6% @ -80/+140 mesh (97.6% Cg); 16.6% @ -140 mesh (94.0% Cg).Balama North”High grade large flake graphite”.Balama West5% @ +300 µm; 42% @ 150-300 µm; 45% @ 75-150 µm; and 8% @ -75 µm.Bissett Creek18.0% @ +32 mesh (95.1% Cg); 31.0% @ -32/+50 mesh (95.1% Cg); 28.2% @ -50/+80 mesh (94.5% Cg); 5.0% @ -80/+100 mesh (97.3% Cg); 7.0% @ -100/+150 mesh (98.0% Cg); and 11.0% @ -150 mesh (92.7% Cg).Campoona”Average graphite size of between 150-200 [µm]”.Coosa”Results from assay labs on all samples have shown significant high grade crystal flake graphite”.Duwi19.7% @ +35 mesh (96.3% Cg); 17.1% @ -35/+48 mesh (93.3% Cg); 27.4% @ -50/+100 mesh (90.3% Cg); 15.7% @ -100/+200 mesh (90.8% Cg); 20.1% @ -200 mesh (88.7% Cg).Epanko8.4% @ +500 µm (97.6% Cg); 13.2% @ 300-500 µm (95.4% Cg); 28.6% @ 180-300 µm (93.8% Cg); 23.6% @ 106-180 µm; (93.6% Cg); 10.4% @ 75-106 µm; (91.0% Cg); and 15.8% -75 µm; (87.5% Cg)Geumam”Contains fine to jumbo grade flake graphite”.Graphite Creek”High percentage of large flake graphite”.Jalkunen”They estimated the majority of graphite particles to be <100 microns in length with minor amounts above this size, up to maximum 400 microns”.Kambale”38% of the fresh material and 68.6% of the weathered material reporting in the +75 micron fractions.”Kearney”A high percentage of +48 mesh flake graphite”.Kookaburra Gully”+150 µm flake graphite @ 90.5% Cg”.KoppioHistorically “sold as coarse (+300 µm) and medium flake”.Kringel40% @ +160 µm; 28% @ 75-160 µm; 32% @ -75 µm (all at up to 94% Cg).Lac GuéretNo quantitative data availableLac Knife33.5% @ +80 mesh (98.3% Cg); 29.8% @ -80/+150 mesh (98.2% Cg); 16.6% @ -150/+200 mesh (98.0% Cg); and 20.1% @ -200 mesh (91.1% Cg).Lochaber1.4% @ +30 mesh; 44.0% @ -30/+50 mesh; 12.2% @ -50/+70 mesh; 13.6% @ -70/+100 mesh; 7.7% @ -100/+140 mesh; and 21.1% @ -140 mesh.Lohorano”70% of graphite recovery classed as large flake (+100 mesh) of which 59% is higher value jumbo flake (+60 mesh)”.McIntosh Target 15% @ 1,000-250 µm; 25% @ 250-75 µm; and 70% @ 75-38 µm.Merelani East29.7% @ +48 mesh (96.2% Cg); 29.0% @ -48/+80 mesh (95.7% Cg); 21.1% @ -80/+150 mesh (94.8% Cg); 7.3% @ -150/+200 mesh (92.8% Cg); and 12.9% @ -200 mesh (81.9% Cg).Molo”Contains flake graphite including jumbo (+50 mesh), large (+80 mesh), medium (-80 to +100 mesh) and small flake (-100 to -200)”.Mousseau WestNo quantitative data availableNachu8.0-13.1% @ +300 µm; 28.3-32.3% @ 180-300 µm; 23.0-27.0% @ 106-180 µm; 22.4-24.7% @ 45-106 %micro;m; and 7.1-13.1% @ -45 µm (all at up to 94.4% Cg).NunasvaaraNo quantitative data availableRaitajärvi11% @ +40 mesh; 38% @ -40/+80 mesh; 38% @ -80/+140 mesh; 13% @ -140 mesh (>85% of all +140 mesh and larger at 90-93% Cg).Samcheok”Contains fine to coarse grade flake graphite”.Taehwa”Contains coarse to jumbo grade flake graphite”.UleyEstimated 60% “coarse graphite” (flake > 75µm).Wilclo SouthNo quantitative dataYalbraNo quantitative data

Other Notes:Over time, the Index will expand as mineral-resource estimates for additional projects are defined.

The Index includes advanced graphite projects known to Technology Metals Research, LLC (TMR), based on public-domain information only. Therefore, it is possible that there are other advanced graphite projects currently in development or operation, which are not included in the Index, and / or at the time of the last update, were not known to TMR.

Only advanced graphite projects that are fully or partially owned or operated by corporations, or other non-state-run entities, are included in the Index.

Disclosures concerning the above companies: Neither Gareth Hatch nor Jack Lifton is a shareholder of, director of nor a consultant to any of the companies listed in the TMR Advanced Graphite Projects Index (statement current as of September 22, 2015).  PRINT