TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index


TMR is first and foremost interested in the rare-earths sector from the strategic point of view. We are interested in the potential value that specific rare-earth deposits and their development could have, in the furtherance of the needs and demands of the overall technology supply chain.

The TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index consists of rare-earth projects currently underway around the world, which have been either:

formally defined as a mineral resource or reserve under the guidelines of a relevant scheme such as NI 43-101 or the JORC Code, or

subject to past mining campaigns, and for which reliable historical data is available, even if not formally compliant with a relevant scheme.

The Index, last updated on March 15, 2012, currently consists of 35 advanced rare-earth projects, associated with 33 different companies and located in 13 different countries, as shown in the table below. Click on a project name to see the data associated with the project.

TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects IndexProjectLocationOwner(s)Ticker Symbol(s)AraxáBRAMinas GeraisMBAC Fertilizer Corp.TSX:MBC, OTCQX:MBCFFBear Lodge (Bull Hill Zone)USAWyomingRare Element Resources Ltd.TSX.V:RES, AMEX:REEBokan (Dotson / I & L Zones)USAAlaskaUcore Rare Metals Inc.TSX.V:UCU, OTCQX:UURAFBucktonCANAlbertaDNI Metals Inc.TSX.V:DNI, F:DG7Çanakli ITURBurdurAMR Mineral Metal Inc.N/AClay-HowellsCANOntarioRare Earth Metals Inc.TSX.V:RA, OTCQX:RAREFCummins RangeAUSWestern AustraliaNavigator Resources Limited &

Kimberley Rare Earths LimitedASX:NAV

ASX:KREDubbo Zirconia ProjectAUSNew South WalesAlkane Resources Ltd.ASX:ALK, OTCQX:ANLKYEco RidgeCANOntarioPele Mountain Resources Inc.TSX.V:GEM, OTCQX:GOLDFEldor (Ashram Zone)CANQuebecCommerce Resources Corp.TSX.V:CCE, OTCQX:CMRZF, F:D7HFoxtrotCANLabradorSearch Minerals Inc.TSX.V:SMYHastingsAUSWestern AustraliaHastings Rare Metals LimitedASX:HASHoidas LakeCANSaskatchewanGreat Western Minerals Group Ltd.TSX.V:GWG, OTCBB:GWMGFKangankundeMWIBalakaLynas Corporation Ltd.ASX:LYC, OTCQX:LYSDYKipawaCANQuebecMatamec Explorations Inc.TSX.V:MAT, OTCQX:MHREFKutessay IIKGZChuiStans Energy Corp.TSX.V:HRE, OTCQX:HREEFKvanefjeldGRLKujalleqGreenland Minerals and Energy Ltd.ASX:GGG, PK:GDLNFLa PazUSAArizonaAustralian American Mining Corporation Ltd.ASX:AIWMontviel (Core Zone)CANQuebecGeomega Resources Inc.TSX.V:GMAMount Weld CLDAUSWestern AustraliaLynas Corporation Ltd.ASX:LYC, OTCQX:LYSDYMount Weld Duncan DepositAUSWestern AustraliaLynas Corporation Ltd.ASX:LYC, OTCQX:LYSDYMountain PassUSACaliforniaMolycorp Inc.NYSE:MCPNechalachoCANNorthwest TerritoriesAvalon Rare Metals Inc.TSX:AVL, AMEX:AVLNguallaTZAMbeyaPeak Resources Ltd.ASX:PEKNiobecCANQuebecIAMGOLD CorporationTSX:IMG, NYSE:IAGNolans BoreAUSNorthern TerritoryArafura Resources Ltd.ASX:ARU, PK:ARAFFNorra KärrSWESmålandTasman Metals Ltd.TSX.V:TSM, AMEX:TAS, F:T61Sarfartoq (ST1 Zone)GRLQaasuitsupHudson Resources Inc.TSX.V:HUD, OTCQX:HUDRFSteenkampskraalZAFWestern CapeGreat Western Minerals Group Ltd.TSX.V:GWG, OTCBB:GWMGFStrange Lake (B-Zone)CANQuebecQuest Rare Minerals Ltd.TSX:QRM, AMEX:QRMTantalusMDGDianaTantalus Rare Earths AGF:TAE:GRTwo TomCANLabradorRare Earth Metals Inc.TSX.V:RA, OTCQX:RAREFWigu HillTZAMorogoroMontero Mining and Exploration Ltd.TSX.V:MONXiluvoMOZSofalaSouthern Crown Resources Ltd.ASX:SWRZandkopsdriftZAFNorthern CapeFrontier Rare Earths Ltd. &

Korea Resources Corp.TSX:FRO, PK:FREFF

Other Notes:

Over time, the Index will expand as mineral-resource estimates for additional projects are defined.

The Index includes advanced rare-earth projects known to Technology Metals Research, LLC (TMR), based on public-domain information only. Therefore, it is possible that there are other advanced rare-earth projects currently in development or operation, which are not included in the Index, and / or at the time of the last update, were not known to TMR.

Only advanced rare-earth projects that are fully or partially owned or operated by corporations, or other non-state-run entities, are included in the Index.

At present, the Index deliberately excludes any advanced rare-earth projects (as defined above) located in either China or India.

All value estimates (for in-situ REOs within each resource, or the unit basket prices for finished products) exclude Ho-Er-Tm-Yb-Lu oxides from the pricing models.

Disclosures concerning the above companies: Gareth Hatch is neither a shareholder of, director of nor a consultant to any of the companies listed in the TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index. Jack Lifton is long on Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. He is a consultant to Rare Earth Metals Inc., Rare Element Resources Ltd., Ucore Rare Metals Inc. and to Tasman Metals Ltd. He is a director of AMR Mineral Metal Inc. and a member of the supervisory board of Tantalus Rare Earths AG (statement last updated March 15, 2012).