Gareth Hatch

GH-Dec-2015Gareth Hatch was a co-founder of Technology Metals Research, LLC. He is interested in helping people to understand the challenges associated with the growing demand for rare-earth elements (REEs), lithium and other critical and strategic materials, and how those challenges affect market sectors throughout the entire technology supply chain.

Gareth is also a co-founder of Innovation Metals Corp, developer of proprietary separation and purification processes for REEs, nickel, cobalt, lithium and other metals.

Gareth is also Managing Director of Strategic Materials Advisors Ltd., which continues his advisory and consulting work in the critical-materials sector. He was previously interim CEO and Executive Director of Alabama Graphite Corp. and Director of Technology at Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc. He holds five patents on a variety of magnetic devices.

Gareth recently served as Principal Investigator on a multi-million-dollar research program on innovative processes for REEs, funded by the US Army Research Laboratory. He has advised numerous government agencies on threats to the strategic-materials supply chain. He is a member of a NATO STO strategy team on REEs and is a member of the Canadian ISO TC/298 Mirror Committee on standards for REEs.

Gareth has a BEng (Hons) in materials science & technology and a PhD in metallurgy & materials, both from the University of Birmingham. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology and is a Chartered Engineer through the UK Engineering Council.

Throughout his career, Gareth has been particularly interested in the strategic challenges faced by the permanent-magnet and battery supply chains, in the face of growing demand for associated critical metals in the areas of renewable-energy production and electric vehicles.

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