Gareth Hatch

GH-Dec-2015Gareth Hatch is a Founding Principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC. He is interested in helping people to understand the challenges associated with the growing demand for rare-earth elements [REEs] and other critical and strategic materials, and how those challenges affect market sectors throughout the entire technology supply chain. Gareth is also a co-founder of Innovation Metals Corp, developer of the proprietary Rapid SX™ process for the separation and purification of rare earths and other metals. Since August 2016 he is an Independent Director of Alabama Graphite Corp. (TSX.V:ALP, OTCQX:ABGPF, F:1AG). He divides his time between the suburbs of Chicago (USA) and Manchester (UK).

For several years Gareth was Director of Technology at Dexter Magnetic Technologies, where he focused on the design & application of innovative magnetic materials, devices and systems, in order to solve real engineering problems. He led a stellar team of engineers who helped customers and clients in the aerospace, defense, medical, data storage, oil & gas, renewables and industrial sectors. He holds five US patents on a variety of magnetic devices.

Throughout his career, Gareth has been particularly interested in the strategic challenges faced by the permanent-magnet industry and its supply chain, in the face of growing demand for REEs as well as the increased use of permanent magnets in the areas of renewable-energy production and electric vehicles.

A two-time graduate of the University of Birmingham in the UK, Gareth has a B.Eng. (Hons) in Materials Science & Technology and a Ph.D. in Metallurgy & Materials, focused on rare-earth permanent-magnet materials. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology, a Chartered Engineer and a Senior Member of the IEEE. Gareth is a member of the Strategic Materials Advisory Council.

Gareth is the Founding Editor of Terra Magnetica and is Newsletter Editor of the IEEE Magnetics Society. He is Founder of the Magnetism & Electromagnetics Interest Group and Strategic Materials Network, both at

Email: ghatch-(at) [replace the -(at)- with @].

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