I am Simon Owen and I would like to welcome you to Tech Metals Research.


My goal is to use my research skills and experience to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information on everything to do with detecting metals using metal detectors and pinpointers.


In our guides you will be able to find many tips and have a lot of burning questions you may have about the world of metal detecting answered.

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We take our reviewing of products very seriously, some of these metal detectors are very expensive so you want the most accurate, up-to-date and useful information you can get.

Choosing Products – We scour the market for the most popular and highly praised products, we then couple this with our own experience to bring you our preferred manufacturers and products.

Factors We Consider:

  • Cost Effectiveness & Budget
  • Build Quality
  • Relevance to intended use
  • Opinions of verified buyers and users
  • Our personal experience

We will do our absolute best to ensure you get non-biased information in a factual and accurate manner and we hope you find all the answers you need to get you out in the field faster. All of the information on this website is my opinion only and I recommend you also do further research.

About Simon Owen

I’m Simon and I love finding things. From a young age I always had the knack to find coins, notes, wallets and more. All of that was without the use of technology. I look forward to sharing with you some amazing tech that will make your treasure hunt a lot easier.