Metal Detecting Guides

Metal Detecting is fascinating. Spending time outdoors. Learning about your surroundings and the past. All that is already great. But that feeling when you find your metal detector beeping faster and faster. The suspense of the dig, wondering what you are going to find. And that final moment of joy when you find that what you have in your hands is not a pull tab but something much more valuable. It is priceless.

We’ve researched how the best detectorist pound the outdoors and created these guides for you. So that you can find less trash and more treasure.

Where to Metal Detect

How to Metal Detect


So that you become the best detectorist you can be.

PS: We don’t cover any Metal Detectors. If that’s what you are after find them here.

About Simon Owen

I’m Simon and I love finding things. From a young age I always had the knack to find coins, notes, wallets and more. All of that was without the use of technology. I look forward to sharing with you some amazing tech that will make your treasure hunt a lot easier.