Nokta Makro Simplex + Metal Detector Review

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The Simplex+ is one of Nokta’s proudest creations they’ve released to the entry-level market. 

It’s praised for its maximum depth, underwater operation, and low price tag.  You may see the Simplex+ marketed as a Nokta Makro metal detector because Nokta acquired Makro Detectors back in 2011. 

With the merger of the two metal detector companies, Nokta Makro Detectors have been pumping out models in different price categories to satisfy the demands of every buyer looking for quality technology, high-performance, and ergonomics in their products. 

The Simplex+ brings it all at an incredibly low price for the brand. 

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: Underwater Use

Worst Feature: Not for Diving

👌 Ideal For: Shallow Water, Water, Beach, Gold, Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Beginners, Intermediates

  • Underwater Use
  • Wireless Audio Ready
  • Iron Volume
  • Notch Discrimination
  • Lightweight

Our Verdict: The Simplex+ is more than just a simple metal detector.  Although its interface may be simple to use and quick to learn, it has features that takes versatility to the next level – under water.  For its price and high-performance features, it’s an entry-level metal detector that would make any owner proud. 

Who is the Nokta Simplex+ Best Suited to?

The Simplex+ is best suited for all metal detector users.  It’s priced right around the upper end of the entry-level market.  Beginners and starters to metal detecting will appreciate the low price and quality, but its features mentioned below will entice intermediate and expert users. 

As a do-it-all and take-it-everywhere kind of machine, it has the makings of being your go-to metal detector for everything. 

I should probably also mention that the Nokta metal detector vibrates on positive detection.  This is an excellent feature for the hearing impaired and is very convenient for underwater use. 

How Does the Nokta Simplex+ Perform?

The Simplex metal detector has some great technology available to the user.  Operating at a frequency of 12 kHz, it’s right within the do-it-all zone for detecting various types of metal and objects.  It also has a frequency shift feature where you can dial down or up a notch to adjust for electromagnetic interference or other detectors operating at the same frequency. 

It’s a waterproof detector, so the control box and waterproof headphones can be submerged up to 10 feet.  Adjustable sensitivity with both manual and modified modes and auto and manual ground balancing will be features that experts will appreciate.  And, still there’s more to rave about! 

Features & Benefits

Underwater Use

The Simplex metal detector is completely waterproof.  Everything about it is designed to enhance success for the tough conditions of bright sunlight and inclement weather on land to handling visibility and leaks while under water.  The LCD screen has a backlight that provides some visibility while under water, but it also has a vibration feature when it’s positively detected metal. 

The detector also features an LED flashlight on the back of the control box and is especially helpful when searching in the dark. 

Wireless Audio Ready

This is an important feature when you’re submerging the entire metal detector.  It’s equipped with a built-in wireless module that is compatible with Nokta Makro’s 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones.  Fortunately, this package, the Simplex+ WHP includes these waterproof headphones, so you can get wet without fear immediately. 

Iron Volume

This is a great feature!  Usually, to discriminate iron metals from detection, you must compromise somewhat on depth detection, but with the Iron Audio feature you don’t have to.  It allows you to decrease the signal volume on iron metals or completely silence them without having to use notch discrimination.  This method allows you to maintain maximum depth perception without hearing iron signals in especially trashy areas.  Iron Volume cannot be used in All Metal and Beach modes. 

Notch Discrimination

Notch Discrimination allows the user to eliminate signals from unwanted metals that would otherwise be detected and reflected on the Target ID scale.  There are 20 notch segments that can be rejected or accepted under the Target ID scale.  As expected, notch discrimination cannot be used in All Metal mode. 


The light weight of 2.9 lbs is an attractive feature to all types of metal detectorists.  Without the weight and strain that comes with heavier models, the Simplex makes it easy to stay out all day or night without the fatigue.  Expert users will appreciate the ease of use and lightweight frame that makes for a fun afternoon of searching. 

4 Search Modes

The Nokta Makro metal detector has 4 search modes: All Metal, Field, Park, and Beach.  All Metal mode does not discriminate and provides the same tone for all types of metals.  You will have to rely on the Target ID scale to determine what type of metal you have detected.  The pitch will also rise the closer the searchcoil is to the target. 

Field mode is designed for relic hunting.  It provides a low tone for ferrous objects and a high tone with rising pitch for non-ferrous targets.  Park mode is what you’d use for coin hunting as it provides three tones with low for ferrous, medium for non-ferrous and gold, and high for highly conductive targets like copper and silver. 

Beach mode is a bonus search mode for the Simplex+ and allows for ground balancing between 0-99.8 range.  This allows for easier ground balancing in highly mineralized soils like wet sand and saltwater at the beach.  The other three modes have automatic ground balance between 20-99.8. 

Target ID Scale

The Target ID Scale is a 2-digit numerical system that provides a probable value of the target’s conductivity to give you an idea on the type of target it has detected.  The scale provides values from 0-99, and it’s best to do a sample test to get familiar with the way the Simplex+ responds to different metals and depths. 

It’s also advantageous to remember that large objects may read a higher ID than their actual conductivity value and the value may appear to “jump” depending on factors that relate to depth, orientation, metal purity, ground mineralization, and more.  The takeaway: get to know your metal detector. 


Not for Diving

The Nokta metal detector is fully waterproof and can be submerged up to 10 feet.  Another feature that makes it great for underwater use is its adjustable shaft that can retract down to 25”.  This is an extremely compact size that Nokta advertises as great for diving.  However, it’s only great for diving if you’re not going below the 10 feet that it’s rated for. 

If you’re into ocean scuba diving, the Simplex is not designed for deep seabed hunting. 

Popular Questions

How do you Charge the Battery on the Nokta Makro Metal Detector?

The Simplex+ has a built-in Lithium Polymer battery.  A USB charger is included in the package to charge the detector and a full charge provides up to 12 hours of use.  Use of the backlight, LED flashlight, and other functions may drain battery time faster. 

Where is the Nokta Simplex+ Made?

The company’s metal detectors are manufactured in Turkey.  However, they have authorized dealers and facilities around the world Europe, England, Russia, and the USA.  Warranties can be claimed at designated facilities in these countries.  In the USA, Nokta’s facility is in Ringgold, Georgia.  The Simplex+ is warrantied for 2-years from the shipping date of the metal detector. 

Are the Headphones Waterproof?

If you purchase the Simplex+ WHP package, which this is, the included headphones are wireless and waterproof.  If you purchase the standard package, the headphones are land-based and not compatible for submersion.  You can also hear audible tones without use of headphones since the metal detector has a built-in speaker. 

What Searchcoil Comes with the Simplex+? 

A waterproof 11” DD searchcoil and cover is included with the Simplex+ metal detector.  It covers large areas of ground with maximum depth perception.  With 12 kHz frequency, the metal detector is capable of detecting both large and small objects.  You may need higher frequency to find the smallest gold nuggets, but it’s a versatile detector for finding all sorts of goods. 


The Simplex+ WHP package has excellent value given its entry-level price for many expert features. 

Looking past the expected features on the detector, the compact size, vibration, LCD screen backlight, and LED flashlight are also bonus advantages of owning the Nokta model – they’re not always seen at this price point. 

The ability to hunt on land and under water is extremely beneficial to hobbyists who only want to invest in one metal detector that does it all.

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