Our Verdict: The TACKLife MMD05 is a budget metal detector with the essentials. It’s not without what you would expect of one that costs twice as much as it does have discrimination, pinpoint, adjustable sensitivity, and volume control with a headphone jack too. With an easy-to-interpret LED light system, this is the perfect metal detector to get yTacklife Metal Detectorour kid started with.

TACKLife MMD05 Metal Detector Review

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If you’re looking for a metal detector that doesn’t cost too much but would be good for the entire family, you must consider the TACKLife MMD05.

It has real metal detector features, an easy-to-interpret interface, and adjustable features that allows you to fine-tune your detecting parameters.

You’ll be able to instruct your child on how to use it, and there’s really no way to mess it up.

With lights, audio tones, and a lightweight platform, it will provide many hours of enjoyment.

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: Easy to use control box

Worst Feature: Build quality

👌 Ideal For: Shallow Water, Coins, Relics, Jewelry, Beginners, Kids

Our Verdict: The TACKLife MMD05 is a budget metal detector with the essentials. It’s not without what you would expect of one that costs twice as much as it does have discrimination, pinpoint, adjustable sensitivity, and volume control with a headphone jack too.

With an easy-to-interpret LED light system, this is the perfect metal detector to get your kid started with.

Who is the TACKLife MMD05 Best Suited to?

The MMD05 is a metal detector that’s designed for kids and families who want to metal detect recreationally. It’s set at a very low price and provides simple and easy to understand performance that even a kid can get it.

Beginner adults will find they will outgrow it very quickly, but it will definitely keep the kids busy when camping, spending a day at the beach, or hunting around riverbeds.

With real metal detector features and a setup that provides easy interpretation for the kiddos, you’ll be picking up knick-knacks and keepsakes to memorialize your day trip.

How Does the TACKLife MMD05 Perform?

The little MMD05 is an entry-level coin shooter for the brand-new beginner. It actually performs pretty decently for a budget metal detector and reaches depths of around 6” to 7” with a frequency of 6.6kHz.

Since it does have discrimination, depth indicator, target indicator, and pinpoint, it does provide the standard type of information a hobbyist needs.

It will not be as accurate as pricier models, but it does get you started on learning the basic and essential fundamentals of using a metal detector.

Like many others in price range, the overall quality may be questionable, but it isn’t like that of a kid’s toy. For the price, it offers good performance and value with real results for the true amateur that’s new to the hobby.

Features & Benefits

Tacklife MMD05 Metal Detector

Easy to Use Control Box

The MMD05 does not have a visual display, so there is no numerical data or text to interpret. This may be a downer for more advanced users, but it’s actually a benefit for brand new users and kids.

Without having a display to confuse things, you will learn to depend on audio and can easily interpret data with the colored lights.

The lights correspond with the target identification and depth. Blue for quarters (25 cents), Green for pennies (1 cent), Yellow for nickels (5 cents), and Red for iron. In PinPoint mode, the colored LEDS refer to depth with Red being the deeper end and Blue at the shallow end.

The LED lights also correspond with tones. Blue has a high tone, Green and Yellow has a medium tone, and Red has a low tone.

Discrimination & PinPoint

Yes, you have both on this budget detector. Discrimination is adjustable via the knob that is located in the middle. It features four different settings with the first gear putting the detector in All-Metal mode. As you discriminate further, the last setting leaves you in Silver as you cannot discriminate it.

The button directly below the discrimination knob is the PinPoint feature. You must depress this button to put it into PinPoint to determine target depth. Using a concentric coil to pinpoint will be easier to do and yes, you will have to dig. Fortunately, as a coin shooter, it shouldn’t be too far from the surface.

Adjustable Settings

The power knob also functions as the volume knob. There is a built-in speaker that provides the audio and a headphone jack will disable external audio when you plug in. This gives you or your child the advantage of privacy when detecting in a public place.

You also have an adjustable sensitivity knob that allows you to tailor sensitivity to the terrain. If things are getting noisy due to electrical interference or minerals, turn that knob down to help focus on target signals.

Adjustable Stem

It’s not just a metal detector for the kids if you wanted to give it a swing. The shaft is adjustable in length from 41” to 53”. It’s long enough to provide enough comfort and height for an adult as well as retracting down for your child.

It will also be convenient when you’re ready to disassemble and pack it into the carry bag for transport and storage.

8” Searchcoil

The TACKLife metal detector comes with an 8” concentric searchcoil. It’s waterproof, so it can be taken into shallow waters to expand your hunting territory. As a concentric searchcoil, it does have some depth detection benefits to any DD coil of the same size with no mineralization, but because its detection field is much larger, it’s not so good at target separation.

It’s not a big deal at this price point as you may be teaching the kiddo to dig everything until they’ve learned enough to upgrade to a better model.


TackLife Metal Detector Control Panel and Features

Build Quality

The build quality will be somewhat on the flimsy side only because it has an aluminum rod with a nylon rod attachment. It does provide excellent lightweight benefits especially when kids are handling the metal detector, but you don’t want to abuse the detector as it can compromise shaft integrity.

Proper use and storage of the metal detector will help it to remain straight without bends and breaking parts.

Popular Questions

What Type of Batteries does the MMD05 Metal Detector Need?

The MMD05 metal detector from TACKLife requires 2x 9V batteries for operation. It does not have a built-in battery, so it is not rechargeable and does not come with a cord for charging.

The purchase of the metal detector will come with your first set of batteries included in the buy. It’s best to keep extra batteries on hand in case of failure during your hunts. When storing the metal detector, it’s recommended to remove the batteries.

What is the Warranty on the TACKLife Metal Detector?

The MMD05 metal detector comes with a 24-month guarantee. The company refunds or replaces the metal detector if you have any issues. They also guarantee a reply within 24 hours after contacting them, and depending on where you buy the detector from, you can get free shipping on returns.

What Accessories are Included with the TACKLife MMD05?

The metal detector comes with an 8” waterproof concentric searchcoil, 2x 9V batteries, and a carry case. The carry case has two handles, a zipper for the main compartment, and a small pouch.

Is it Good for the Beach?

First of all, only the searchcoil is waterproof, so water must not get on the control box. Secondly, you can metal detect on dry sand, but if you go past the towel line, the metal detector will become overloaded with signals from the minerals in the ground – wet sand and saltwater.

Hence, the MMD05 is not good for searching in wet sand conditions at the beach. Stay on dry sand to gain better performance and positive signals from real targets.

How do you Use the DISC Mode on the MMD05?

The large knob in the center of the control box is the discrimination knob. In the first gear which is the furthest left position is All-Metal mode.

The MMD05 will detect all metals. As you move the knob clockwise, you will discriminate additional metals such as aluminum, nickel, brass, and zinc. You cannot discriminate silver as it is the furthest right setting you can achieve.


The TACKLife MMD05 metal detector is one of the better ones in the budget market.

It has real features that a beginner must learn how to use before they can expect to master the features on more expensive metal detectors. It’s lightweight, comes with everything you need to get detecting right away, and it won’t hurt your wallet to buy it.

There are limitations since it’s a very basic detector, but it will get the kids interested and learning the ropes that may very well be the start of a lifelong passion.

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