Whites TDI Beachhunter Metal Detector

Whites TDI BeachHunter Metal Detector Review

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The White’s TDI BeachHunter is one of those of its kind that detectorists anxiously save up for. 

It’s a top pulse induction detector that is known for its deep, deep detection.  But, we all know that depth isn’t the only feature that counts. 

It also has one of the smoothest thresholds that users have experienced, it’s completely submersible to a great depth, and its ability to comb the ground for small targets is why it’s loved.  What else?  Did I already say it’s deep?

Update: Garrett Electronics announced their acquisition of White’s Electronics in October 2020 after White’s suspended their operation earlier last year. As a result, the White’s TDI BeachHunter is no longer available. Check out our list of the best saltwater metal detectors and PI metal detectors for some great alternatives.

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: Pulse Induction

Worst Feature: Battery Life

👌 Ideal For: Water, Beach, Submersion,

  • Pulse Induction
  • Submersible
  • All Metal Audio Dual-Tone
  • Dual-Field Searchcoil
  • Hip & Chest Mount
Whites TDI Beachhunter

Our Verdict: The White’s TDI BeachHunter has had quite the run in the market, and it seems to be a love-it or hate-it kind of detector, and there are plenty of those around as no one detector fits all.  But, those who have actually hunted with it and have put its potential to the max find it’s a detector made to conquer the beach. 

Who is the White’s TDI BeachHunter Best Suited to?

Fortunately, the TDI BeachHunter isn’t too difficult to learn.  It’s a set the usuals and get hunting type of machine.  This makes it very attractive to beginners, although they will still have to learn how to perform the necessities such as ground balance and sensitivity to name a couple settings.  Intermediates and experts will see how much of a simplified platform it really is while it still offers the best of its type of technology. 

Unfortunately, while its price tag is under $1500, it’s still hard to swallow for many, especially beginners sticking to a very strict budget and still don’t know what they want out of a detector.  But, for those with skills who are roaring to go and achieve major depth, the TDI is chomping at the bit to get hunting.  Just make sure your back can handle all the digging! 

How Does the White’s TDI BeachHunter Perform?

The TDI BeachHunter is a performer.  With pulse induction, the name of the game is depth, great sensitivity, and is uninfluenced by minerals like saltwater.  With these impressive traits built into its DNA, the TDI can provide excellent results at the beach.  Now, whether it’s a fishhook or pirate’s loot two feet deep, that’s up to you and your metal detecting shovel to discover if you’re going to dig it up.  With Pulse Delay, Gain, Threshold, PI (Pulse Induction) Ground Balance, and extreme depth with 2-3 kHz frequencies, you will own the beach with the TDI. 

Features & Benefits

Pulse Induction

Pulse induction is unlike beat oscillation and induction balance.  Instead of emitting a continuous-wave magnetic-field, it emits powerful, momentary impulses periodically.  The time it takes for the magnetic field to decay can be measured.  This allows the detector to create a baseline.  The magnetic field decays at a normal rate when there are no targets in the area.  When there is a target, it the magnetic field takes longer to decay, and this length is measured.  High-conductive targets like silver have a long decay time whereas low-conductive targets like gold have a fast decay time. 

But, what gives pulse induction an advantage over VLFs in saltwater?  Due to the powerful and brief impulses, it can see deeper and penetrate through even the heaviest types of mineralized soil.  This is its major advantage over VLFs.  However, it doesn’t allow for the high levels of discrimination that a VLF can provide for. 


All beach detectors should have some level of waterproofness.  Most will incorporate waterproof searchcoils that can be submerged, but it’s essential the control box does not get wet.  Other detectors can be submerged to 10 or 16 feet.  The TDI is completely submersible to 25 feet.  The supplied headphones are also waterproof. 

All Metal Audio Dual-Tone

While we’ve already mentioned that pulse induction detectors are limited when it comes to discrimination, the White’s metal detector does have some control measures in place to allow for discrimination.  There is an adjustable Pulse Delay setting that can be used to discriminate trash items starting with low-conductive targets like thin foil to find more high-conductive targets like coins.  However, while increasing the delay further eliminates trash items, it comes at the expense of also eliminating good targets like gold nuggets. 

There is also another feature that must be mentioned.  The TDI can be ground balanced with the PI Ground Balance which is essentially the All Metal mode.  With the ground balance knob dialed all the way to the “off” position, the detector emits a single tone for all targets: high.  In PI Ground Balance, you have access to two audio tones: low and high.  High-conductive items will have a low tone and low-conductive targets will have a high tone. 

Dual-Field Searchcoil

Searchcoil size has a lot to do with sensitivity and depth.  A smaller size means greater sensitivity to small targets at shallow depths, and a larger size means greater depth with the compromise of sensitivity to smaller targets.  To provide the best of both worlds into one design is White’s patented Dual-Field searchcoil.  It has a 6” inner coil and a 12” outer coil.  This provides sensitivity to both small and large targets without compromise of depth.  To avoid missing tiny, shallow targets while searching, it’s best to apply the overlapping sweeping pattern based on the inner 6” coil.  

Hip & Chest Mount

The BeachHunter isn’t exactly your lightweight metal detector.  The thing weighs 5.2 lbs.  Once you’ve spent a lengthy amount of time on the sand sweeping, getting on all fours, digging, and getting back to it all over again, you’ll feel its weight.  The TDI comes with a hip and chest mount that allows the user to adapt the platform to best fit their detecting style and comfort levels.  This mounting system may help to distribute the weight and make it easier to wield. 


Battery Life

This is no ordinary VLF that can run for 35 hours at a time.  This is a high-performing pulse induction detector that can only provide approximately 4-6 hours of operating time.  The integrated NiMH battery is quick to charge taking only 1-2 hours to come to a complete charge.  However, there is also a battery pack that can be used to keep hunting.  The pack requires 8x AA batteries. 

Limited Discrimination

If you’re hunting at a beach with a lot of trash and iron minerals, there is some good news.  The TDI does provide some level of discrimination, although it is limited.  The only discrimination you’ll get is from the All Metal Audio Dual-Tone that provides a different tone for ferrous targets from non-ferrous targets.  However, you still may end up digging a lot because as we all know gold can sometimes sound like iron.  The best discriminator is the shovel.  Some Bengay may be in order at the end of the day. 

Popular Questions

How Long is the Warranty on the White’s TDI?

The BeachHunter TDI comes with a manufacturer 2-year limited warranty.  It takes effect from the date of purchase and proof of purchase that includes the original purchase date is required.  The warranty is also owner transferable. 

Does the BeachHunter TDI have a Digital Display?

There is no digital display on the BeachHunter.  All target response data is gathered via audio and digging it up.  The control box features knobs for control. 

Is there an Adjustable Volume Control? 

There is no adjustable volume control strictly for hearing all audio at a universal volume.  This would be a good time to mention the Volume Gain control that also doubles as the power on/off knob.  By increasing the Gain, you are amplifying the target audio signal, so you can hear the signals louder, but you’ll also be increasing the amount of interference from ground signals and EMI.

Are the Waterproof Headphones Wireless? 

The included, waterproof headphones are wired.  There is no ability to use wireless headphones.  Additionally, the headphones do not have any electrical components to adjust volume. 

Does the White’s BeachHunter TDI Metal Detector come with Chargers? 

The only charger that comes with the TDI is the one required to charge the built-in NiMH battery.  The battery pack that takes 8x AA batteries does not come with a charger.  Although alkaline batteries are recommended, you can use rechargeable batteries, but you must supply your own battery charger for the batteries.  The battery pack was specifically designed not to be compatible for recharging with the supplied charger. 


The White’s BeachHunter TDI metal detector is a pulse induction and underwater beast.  It’s waterproof to the max, and its dual-audio tone provides that extra bit of target information.  With the patented Dual-Field searchcoil, you have two searchcoils in one that provides the best detection of targets of all sizes.  While you’ll be conquering mineralized grounds much easier than before, you must be prepared to dig up your treasures – they could be buried deep.

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