Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by Barska

Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector Review

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The Winbest metal detectors are made by Barska.

They’re warrantied, offered at low price points, and they have entry-level quality that you need to get started into the hobby.

The model up for review is the Winbest Pro Edition metal detector.

It’s a basic model, but it has features that deserve a thorough once-over.

If you thought you couldn’t use headphones, adjust for volume, or use discrimination in a budget metal detector, the Pro Edition will prove you wrong.

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: All-metal and discriminate modes

Worst Feature: Build quality

👌 Ideal For: Shallow Water, Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Beginners, Kids

Our Verdict: If you’re looking for a cheap starter metal detector that will tie you over for a short period of time while you save for an upgrade, the Winbest Pro Edition is a good consideration. It offers a couple features that you won’t find in this price range, so it’s fair to say that it has an advantage over its competition.

Who is the Winbest Pro Edition Best Suited to?

The Barska metal detector is best suited to older kids and brand-new, green adults. This is an analog and entry-level metal detector that is just like the rest of its competition in the market with a twist.

Some of its most notable features include discrimination, adjustable sensitivity, a headphone jack, and a volume control. The latter two are features that a beginner will appreciate as it’s not only practical, it adds value to the buy.

How Does the Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector Perform?

The Winbest Pro Edition metal detector by Barska is single frequency VLF machine. Nowhere is its frequency indicated by the manufacturer. To play detective for a moment, if you connect the dots with the line of thought that it’s a budget and entry-level model that is said to detect a U.S. quarter at around 6”, it’s likely within the 6-ish kHz frequency.

It’s a very basic model that does allow for some user adjustment such as sensitivity and discrimination. It has an advantage over other cheap alternatives that only feature a weather-resistant searchcoil as this detector does in fact have a waterproof and submersible searchcoil. You can now include shallow water detection as part of your hunting style.

Even so, it does a decent job of detecting various types of metal. In budget models like this one, it’s best to leave it in all-metal mode and dig it all. At this point, it’s what a kid looks forward to – the detecting and the digging.

Features & Benefits

All-Metal & Discriminate Modes

The Pro Edition metal detector has an analog interface that is very easy to interpret and use. Watch the needle as it moves along the meter to indicate when the metal detector has detected a metal.

You essentially have two search modes with this model: All-Metal and DISC modes. The metal detector moves into these modes via the knob on the left side of the control box. In the furthest left side position, there is no discrimination and all the metals will be sounded off with one tone.

As you move the knob further right, it will start to discriminate metals such as pull tabs, nickels, and zinc. Discriminated metals will be silent and you will only hear a tone on the metals you haven’t discriminated. In the furthest most right side position, the detector will only alert to silver targets.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Ground balance has been preset at the factory, so there is no way to adjust for noisy, mineralized ground. However, with adjustable sensitivity, you can experiment with it to help with minimizing false signals. You’ll still be able to hear the stronger signals from shallow and highly conductive metals.

To adjust for sensitivity, you must turn the knob on the right side of the control box. It is also the on/off knob for powering the metal detector.

However, in extremely mineralized ground, decreasing sensitivity is just not enough. The only solution is to move to quiet ground where there are less minerals that will interfere with detection.

Headphone Jack & Volume Control

Having not only a headphone jack but a volume control on such a budget metal detector is a huge deal. The Barska model features a 3.5 mm/1/8” jack that can allow connection of any wired 1/8” headphones. To use ¼” headphones, an adapter is required.

You will want to use headphones to provide privacy, reduce disruption to people in public hunting areas, and minimize ambient noise like traffic, talking, and wind.

It also helps to conserve battery life since it takes more juice to provide tones through the built-in, external speaker. Most of all, it provides better listening quality since there is only one tone. In this case, volume is proportional to signal strength. Very weak and low volume signals can indicate a deep or medium conductive target like gold.

Lightweight & Portable

The Winbest Pro Edition is a light-duty, lightweight, and easy to use metal detector. It only weighs 2.5 lbs fully assembled. The shaft is extendable from 34.6” to 42.9”. That may be on the small side for tall adults, but it should provide a comfortable length for average heights and older children.

Barska Warranty

Because Winbest metal detectors are manufactured by Barska, they are also warrantied by Barska. Within the first 30 days, the metal detector should be returned for replacement or refund by the authorized dealer. After the first 30 days, Barska will address any issues within a year of the original purchase date.

Unfortunately, this is not a transferable warranty, so it only applies to the original owner. You must also have proof of purchase that is usually the original receipt.


Barska Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector

Build Quality

Unfortunately, durability may be questionable because the Pro Edition does have a light-duty build. It’s not a long-lasting metal detector, and this compromise comes as the trade-off for a low price tag.

However, with care during storage and transportation, it should work just fine as a temporary starter metal detector until you can afford to buy a higher quality replacement.

Fortunately, because the metal detector is warrantied, you do have that security in knowing it will be repaired or replaced if an issue occurs. After a year, you should be ready to upgrade anyway.

Popular Questions

Will the Winbest Metal Detector Find Gold?

This is not a high-frequency prospecting metal detector for gold nuggets. However, gold jewelry is another matter. The Winbest Pro Edition detector can detect gold jewelry, but of course, it does depend on soil conditions, depth, and its orientation in the ground.

You will learn how to discern between trash items and good targets, especially between gold, as you detect and see how the needle reacts along the target meter to various types of metals.

What Types of Batteries does the Barska Winbest Pro Edition Take?

The Pro Edition requires 2x 9V batteries to operate. There is also a low battery indicator on the face of the control box. When it lights up, it’s time to change out the batteries.

Can the Winbest Pro Edition by Barska Work at the Beach?

It is not suited to beach hunting near saltwater. However, you can use it on dry, white sand. It should perform as it usually does on grass or in fields, but it will get noisy if you’re around black or wet sand.

Saltwater has minerals that produce false signals. This can quickly wear you out if you’re metal detecting at the beach. It’s best to turn up discrimination and lower sensitivity to try to improve performance.

What Accessories does the Winbest Metal Detector come with?

The Winbest Pro Edition metal detector does not come with any accessories. The metal detector, searchcoil, armrest, control box, and all the necessary equipment needed to assemble the actual metal detector are the only parts suppled in the buy.

You must purchase headphones, batteries, and a carry case separately.

What Size Searchcoil does the Barska Metal Detector have?

The Winbest Pro Edition by Barska comes with a closed 6.5” concentric searchcoil. This size is better for smaller and tighter areas, and it’s easier to pinpoint with. Small searchcoils provide great sensitivity to small and shallow targets, and they’re less susceptible to EMI interference.


The Winbest Pro Edition metal detector by Barska is a starter model for kids or adults. It has all the usual fixings of an analog metal detector with bonus features that includes a headphone jack and volume control on the control box.

It’s not a long-term metal detector, but it’s cheap enough to get a kid started in the hobby or as one that serves as a temporary tool to get the job done while you save for an upgrade.

As cheap goes, this metal detector sets the bar with its extra perks. Why settle for less when the Pro Edition has it all?

Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA
  • Features two operation modes for custom detecting

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