22 Metal Detecting Gift Ideas for the Detectorist in Your Life

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While a metal detector tells a hobbyist that treasure is near, you don’t have a detector that tells you what the perfect gift is.

Don’t sweat it – I’ve done the detecting for you and this is your ultimate resource of the top metal detecting gifts your hobbyist will treasure.

It’s not pirate’s loot or a cache of old coins, but some of these things may very well help them find it.

Swing past these birthday, anniversary and Christmas gift ideas to set the tone to your gift-giving mood.

Best Metal Detecting Gifts

You mightn’t know anything about metal detecting, but you still want your gift to be relevant. That’s why you need a guide like this – to eliminate the hard work about something you may know nothing about.

Whether it’s for a kid, a beginner, an old hand, or for the entire family, these metal detecting gift ideas will be appreciated. Some of the better gifts are practical ones that can be used to further the passion.

From cheap ideas to pricier splurges, you’ll find something that’s right within budget. Plus, you won’t need any gift receipts with these presents as they’re all keepers!

22 Unique Gifts for Detectorists

1.  SE Prospector’s Choice 12” Digger

SE Prospector's Choice 12-Inch Digger

You may have thought that a metal detector was the only tool a hobbyist uses, but that is far from the truth. The detector may be doing the detecting, but a digger does the digging. Having accessories are just as important as having a metal detector.

Buying a metal detector is expensive by itself, so help out a fellow hobbyist by getting them a new 12” serrated digging tool to lessen the expense of spending so much upfront. The SE Prospector’s digger has a heat-treated carbon steel blade with serrated edges on both sides. The digger has a hand guard, plastic handle, and it comes with a belt-loop sheath.

2.  Just Swinging My Thing Phone Case

Just Swinging My Thing Phone Case

Shop Treasure Hunter-Themed Phone Cases

What thing? A metal detector! This hilarious phone case fits a Samsung Galaxy, but there are so many more phone cases that fits both Samsung and iPhones with metal detecting and treasure hunting themes.

This particular one is a one-piece, snap-style case with a slim-fitting design, impact-resistant shell, and protective lip that allows access to all ports.

The hobbyist may as well be decked out with metal detecting-themed merch right down to their phone. It’s more than just a hobby, it’s an obsession.

3. Coin Display Case

Coin Display Case

While this may be a Military Challenge Coin Case, it will also serve as a coin display case for recovered coins. Coin-shooters who would rather pull them out of the coin binder to put them on display can do so with a gift like this.

It has a gorgeous mahogany finish, seven rows, and each shelf has a grooved lip to hold the coins perfectly in place. The beautiful display case is 17” x 14” x 1 ¾” in size, and the comes with a key to lock and protect the contents.

4. Garrett AT PRO PinPointer

Garrett AT Pro Pinpointer

The AT PRO Pinpointer is also known as The Carrot, pretty obvious as to why, right? Pinpointers are easier to use than a large searchcoil, and they’re good for really tight spaces and rocky terrains. Every detectorist should have a handheld one. When you’re down on your knees, it’s much easier to probe and point to find the exact location of the find.

The AT PRO is waterproof, has the lost-alarm feature, and it’s great for all terrains. It may be an expensive gift, but it’s one that will not go wasted.

5. Beach Better Have My Money T-Shirt

Beach Better Have My Money T-Shirt

Shop Metal Detector-Themed T-shirts

TeeRepublic has a slew of t-shirts with very appropriate graphics and sayings to gift to your hobbyist. In this case, the “Beach Better Have My Money” is a feeling beach hobbyists share in way or another.

Whether it’s in the form of a watch, ring, coins, or bigger find, the feeling of “it better be worth it” is relatable. On the flip side, it’s not unusual for metal detectors to be asked to help find lost items on the beach. Who knows, it could be your wallet you’re heading back to the sands for.

6. Finders Seekers – Escape Room Game

Finder Seekers - Escape Room Game

What hobbyist doesn’t love a good game of finding stuff? If you want to keep your hobbyist home for an evening, gift a detectorist-style finding game that gets the whole family involved.

This Escape Room Game brings mystery and adventure to your living room once a month. That’s right! You purchase a subscription and you’ll have a new city with a new escape room with new clues, puzzles, and codes to decipher every month.

Perfect for game night, it’s an appropriate type of activity that keeps a hobbyist engaged.

7. Bronze Roman Gladiator Coin

Bronze Roman Gladiator Coin

Shop Authentic Modern, Rare, and Ancient Coins

Coin-shooters know their stuff, and a Roman coin can be a lucrative find. Why not gift a coin-shooter an authentic 337-361 AD Bronze Roman Gladiator Coin for their collection?

Everyone thinks of Gladiators when they think of Rome. Constantius II had his face on one side and a gladiator ready to slay and defeat his combatant on the other.

It’s an authentic collector’s item and a portal to the past – Gladiator style.

8. Metal Detecting Prints

Metal Detecting Wall Print

Shop Metal Detecting Wall Art

If you’re a husband of a metal detecting wife, make her laugh with a cute and funny print that should be stuck in a place where she will see it every day.

This print is only available in the small size of 8 x 8.4” but can sport either a Luster or Metallic finish. This isn’t the only print redbubble.com has. If you check out their stock, you may find one that fits the dynamic for your relationship with the gift recipient.

9. Hammered Coins Metal Detecting Dress

Hammered Coins Metal Detecting Dress

“I’m Getting Hammered This Weekend.” It’s a fun quote that coin-shooters will immediately recognize. Even better, it’s printed on a cool metal detecting dress. Ladies metal detect too and can rock the coil to the soil in a dress in style.

Why not humor your female detecting buddy and get them a stylish dress or the same print on a t-shirt that’s made with 96% polyester and 4% elastane for the front panel and 100% cotton for the back and sleeves. It’s super comfy and trendy.

10. I Love Digging Stuff Up Key Chain

I Love Digging Stuff Up Keychain

This basic button keychain is a neat and affordable gift for someone who loves to dig – a metal detecting hobbyist. It’s 2.25” in diameter, waterproof, and the print is clear – I Love Digging Stuff Up with a coin in the middle.

It’s a great gift idea for a child to give to detecting mom, dad, or both. You can also customize this keychain to have a design that you submit.

11. Mooka Natural Wood Jewelry Display Case

Mooka natural wood jewelry display case

This rustic and chic jewelry display case has a coffee stain that gives it an antique look – perfect for displaying the bracelets, rings, and other jewelry that hobbyists often find. The glass top provides a clear view of the stunning items that may be held inside the 14 ½” x 7 ¾” x 1” lockable box.

Think about it for a second. Metal detectorists must put their finds somewhere. Why not gift them a natural wood display case so their finds can be visually appreciated?

12. Garrett Gold Trap Gold Panning Kit

Garrett Gold Trap Gold Panning Kit

Has your hobbyist mentioned wanting to get into gold prospecting? Be the first to acquire some affordable panning kits to start with.

With two pans in the kit, you could tag along and learn the process of gold panning like it was done in the olden days.

The Garrett Gold Trap Gold Panning Kit comes with 2x pans, a classifier, suction bottle, 2-in-1 tweezers/magnifiers, and gold vials. It’s the starter kit that every beginner prospector needs.

13. Just Another Pull Tab T-Shirt

Just Another Pull Tab T-Shirt

Don’t get it? It’s metal detector humor. It will crack a laugh between hobbyists as those four, simple words say it all.

Available in multiple sizes and colors and made from 100% combed ringspun cotton, you’ll be able to find the right Just Another Pull Tab Shirt that will fit your gift recipient.

Super appropriate, super funny inside joke, but it’s also the reality in the hobbyist’s world.

14. Kellyco Metal Detecting Gloves

Kellyco Metal Detecting Gloves

A new arrival to the market, these Metal Detecting Gloves are Kellyco’s own make and design. They come in a set of five, so your recipient won’t be running out of any gloves any time soon.

Why are gloves a good gift? For so many reasons. Have you tried digging around in hard, compact dirt or when it’s cold outside? There are rocks and roots that threaten your gift recipient’s hands with scratches, cuts, and imposing injuries.

Be their safeguard and provide them with the essentials. The polyester/cotton blend with black latex-dipped palms will keep hands clean and protected. Detecting is dirty work.

15. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Album

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

Shop Collector Sets and Albums

JFK is the face on the half dollar known as the Kennedy Half Dollar of 1964. What’s also exciting about this uncirculated coin is that the 1964 Kennedy is the only “Kennedy” that is made with 90% silver. And, we all know how silver half dollars are coveted finds for hobbyists.

The Kennedy doesn’t come alone as a 1964 Philadelphia coin, stamp, and JFK’s portrait accompany the half dollar in a display.

16. Can I Metal Detect in Your Yard? T-Shirt

Funny Metal Detecting Shirt

Can I Metal Detect in Your Yard? Believe it or not, wearing the question on your person is a tactic that is actually shared among hobbyists to gain permission from landowners. Is it effective? Why not buy one and use your gift recipient as the guinea pig?

This design is available on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and stickers. For further customization, you can change the color, t-shirt style, and choose the appropriate fit for a male or female.

17. The Metal Detecting Bible

This is the type of metal detecting book you wished you would have had from the start. If you’re shopping for someone who has already tread some miles with their metal detector, it’s never too late to learn a few tips and tricks, expert advice, and even some corrections that may be learned from author and seasoned hobbyist Brandon Neice.

From choosing a metal detector to selling your finds to claim a profit, he takes you through the lot of metal detecting principles. This is the keepsake book that has tons of valuable information for hobbyists of all skill levels.

18. George Washington Inaugural Button Watch

George Washington Inaugural Button Watch

Your hobbyist may not have found such a relic themselves, but it may be a lookalike of a similar find that has been turned into a practical gift. This George Washington Inaugural Button Watch comes in two colors: black for men and brown for women.

It’s a historical statement piece with a genuine leather strap, a 1.45” face diameter, and is water-resistant up to 98 feet. This is one creative way to wear a duplicate of a hobbyist’s finds.

19. Shipwreck Map of the Florida Keys

Shipwreck Map of Florida Keys

Florida coasts have long been hunted by metal detectors both on the shores and on the ocean bed to recover long-lost treasure of sunken ships. Hobbyists know their history, and there’s no better way to provide them with a conversation starter with visitors than with beautiful wall art.

SeaLake Maps puts together this laminated map of the Keys with over 500 shipwreck locations. It’s full-color, 36” x 24” in size, and is ready to be framed with standard or custom framework.

20. Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector

Garrett ACE Apex Metal Detector

New and hot from Garrett, the Ace Apex is the brand’s first multi-frequency metal detector. If you’re in the gift-giving mood, your hobbyist will be speechless if you bought this for them. That is, after reading informational reviews about it first, of course. It’s new, promises high-performance, and it will improve their metal detecting game thanks to the multi-frequency technology.

Why buy from Kellyco? They do their research and their customer service is amazing. They’re often seen as the authority of everything metal detecting with hassle-free returns. This is a gift that will go down in the books as one of the best gifts ever.

21. I’m a Swinger on the Weekends T-Shirt

Funny Metal Detecting Gift

Get your mind out of the gutter – or don’t. The Metal Detecting “Swinger” design provides some clarity for those who don’t get it. For the rest of us, we don’t have to look at the graphic to know what a swinger is – why, it’s a metal detectorist of course!

This is a great buy for the light-humored hobbyist that could use some swag shirts. Take your pick of color, size, t-shirt style, and add to it with a matching mug, hoodie, and sticker!

22. Metal Detecting Log Book

How does a hobbyist keep track of his finds, locations, leads, and more? In their log book – if they have one, and any good hobbyist should. It becomes more than just a log to them as it contains valuable information about their experiences and knowledge earned over a lifetime.

Gift your recipient a thoughtful and practical gift that will help them detail the information they need to improve their productivity.

A Unique Way to Gift a Metal Detector Hobbyist

If you’re trying to keep your gift under wrap, you’re in luck. A metal detector can’t smell the goods – that would be a nose. It also can’t detect if you’re trying to keep something a secret – that would be a lie detector.

No beeping tones will be setting off the alarms that you have a gift in hand. If it does happen to be metallic, why not bury it and start the gift-giving season off with a hunt? Make them work a little bit for it, right?

Well, when you love doing something, it doesn’t feel like work. Your metal detecting gift recipient will jump at the chance to find it. It’s what they’re experts in after all.

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