Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector

Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector Review

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Finally, a new metal detector from Garrett!

Not only is it a new model, it incorporates some of the design patterns of the beloved Ace series into a new, lightweight, and high-performing metal detector.

What’s new?

Single and simultaneous frequencies. Hybrid audio. Zero rotational torque.

Sounds exciting, right?

Let’s swing by the specifics to get a load of this new and seemingly too-good-to-be-true metal detector.

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: Multi-frequency

Worst Feature: Coil not compatible with Ace series

👌 Ideal For: Shallow Water, Water, All Terrains, Gold, Silver, Coins, Relics, Jewelry, Beginners, Intermediates, Experts

Our Verdict: The Ace Apex is a jacked-up metal detector with the works. With new multi-frequency technology and a slew of other features, it’s a multi-purpose tool that is good for any job – and we mean, any job.

Who is the Garrett Ace Apex Best Suited to?

The Apex has a price point that is attractive to all hobbyists of all skill levels. While it will be difficult for beginners to get a grasp on how to take advantage of all its features, it’s still an easy-to-use metal detector that offers a lot of growth and potential.

The intermediate and expert user will feel right at home with the Apex in any field. With its diverse features that provides excellent performance in any terrain, the advanced user can home in on any sized target for any situation they may find themselves in.

How Does the Garrett Ace Apex Perform?

The Ace Apex is the first multi-frequency metal detector from the brand that brings some competition to other noted brands already in the multi-frequency market. As part of the revered Ace series, it has a lot to bring to the game, but the Apex stands apart from the series as a unique detector.

It has multiple, attractive features that many of us want to see such as single and simultaneous frequencies, multiple iron and audio tones, and adjustable settings to customize the detector for various environments. While many manufacturers try to nail it all, Garrett actually puts it all together in an easy-to-use package at an excellent price point.

With a built-in battery, you won’t have to deal with battery packs. With Z-Lynk headphones, you won’t have to deal with cables, and with a low price point, you won’t have to break the bank. However, solid and reliable performance will always outweigh neat gadgets and tech features. Fortunately, the Ace Apex nails both.

Features & Benefits

Multi-Frequency w/Viper DD Coil

The Apex features multi-frequency technology with six search modes: 5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, Multi-frequency, and Multi-frequency Salt modes.

With both single and simultaneous multi-frequencies available, you can customize and fine-tune your hunting techniques for any ground and environment. Use the singles to home in on large targets and silver coins and use multi when looking for gold or targets at the beach by cancelling out the negative effects.

Multi-frequency tech is supported by the 6×11” DD Viper coil. It’s a broad-bandwidth, low-impedance searchcoil that comes with a searchcoil cover. It’s large enough to cover large sections but still small enough to provide excellent target separation in hard-to-reach areas.

Audible Target ID

What’s fascinating about Audible Target ID are the five tones of target identification. You have distinct low, low-medium, medium, medium-high, and high tones which provides faster identification of target IDs beneath your feet. Of course, it works in tandem with the Digital Target ID scale of 0-99 indicated on the control box screen.

You’ll hear these tones with what Garrett calls a Hybrid Audio System. It’s a blend between binary and proportional tones, so there will be some familiarity with the binary audio, but you’ll also hear the proportional changes of weak targets that could prove to be valuable finds.

Multiple Adjustable Settings

Along with all the good stuff, the Apex retains all the foundational qualities you want to see in a detector. It has 20 notch segments, 8 sensitivity/depth adjustment settings, and 8 iron discrimination segments.

The backlight brightness is adjustable. The volume on both the control box and over the headphones are adjustable. You also have Auto ground balance to achieve the right amount detection in any mineralized environment.

Needless to say, the Ace Apex is a truly customizable and intuitive metal detector.

Waterproof & Lightweight

The searchcoil is completely waterproof and can be submerged. The control box is showerproof – so a little rain isn’t going to hurt it. With the adjustable backlit screen, you can adjust the brightness for the best seeing in any condition day or night.

The entire detector is incredibly lightweight at 2.5 lbs. It’s easier than ever to stay out longer and keep detecting when all others call it a day with wrist and back pain. To have multi-frequency detection offered in a lightweight platform, the detecting options are limitless.

Z-Lynk Wireless Headphone Technology

Depending on the package you buy, you can get Garrett’s Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones in the box. The Apex is compatible with the MS-3 headphones that allows for a wireless connection that is six times faster than Bluetooth without the lag. You can also sync your Z-Lynk Pro-Pointer without issue to make the most of the specialized headphones.

Conveniently, it does have a 1/8” jack for connecting wired headphones if you opt for the standard package without the MS-3 headphones.


Coil not Compatible with Ace Series

Since this is a multi-frequency metal detector, the Viper coil is only compatible with the Ace Apex. It cannot be used with other single frequency detectors in the Ace series and other Ace coils are not compatible with the new Apex.

As for right now, you’re limited to using the standard 6” x 11” Viper searchcoil with the Apex. Fortunately, there’s no need to change out searchcoils due to the six different frequency modes that allows multi-purpose hunting.

Popular Questions

How Long does the Battery on the Ace Apex Last?

The built-in lithium-ion battery is rated to last approximately 15 hours depending on user settings. It can be charged via any USB port and typically takes up to 4 hours to come to a complete charge. A mini-USB cable is included.

For faster charging, it’s best if the detector is turned OFF during charging. It’s easy to interpret charging status as the light will blink and then will become solid when charging is complete.

Is the Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector New?

The Apex Multi-Frequency metal detector is the newest addition to the Ace Series from Garrett. The Ace Apex was released in 2020 and was reconstructed with new design features to provide a high-performing, lightweight, and multi-purpose platform for hobbyists.

It’s the first, true multi-frequency metal detector from the brand. It also features newly-designed balance and ergonomics. There is zero rotational torque at the end of swings ensuring you get the most out of every sweep with user comfort in mind.

What is the Warranty on the Garrett Ace Metal Detector?

The Garrett Ace Apex has a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty on parts and labor. Garrett recommends that you ensure detector failure is not due to a low battery. If it requires service and you’re an international buyer, you should contact the retailer you bought the Apex from for assistance before shipping to the United States.

Does the Ace Apex have Pinpoint?

The Ace Apex does have a pinpoint feature accessible through the menu on the screen to ensure you can recover your target quickly and accurately. As expected, the pinpoint is right at the center of the DD Viper searchcoil.

What are the Packages Available with the Garrett Apex?

There are two, official packages offered by the manufacturer. The first is a standard package that includes the metal detector and searchcoil with the coil cover. The second is the Z-Lynk package that includes the metal detector, searchcoil, coil cover, and MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones. It’s worth mentioning that the Z-Lynk package offers the MS-3 headphones at a cheaper price point than if you were to buy them separately.


The Ace Apex has been a long-awaited metal detector design from Garrett. The new design is incredibly versatile for the many environments that hobbyists choose to hunt in and even for those unpredictable terrains of hunting a new search site.

With multiple search modes and frequencies to take advantage of, there is no good target that will remain elusive.

Here’s to uncovering it all with the Ace Apex.

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