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Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector Review

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Are you tired of digging up junk?

While many metal detectors provide a depth estimate of a target, other information such as size and type of metal is largely gathered by the interpretation skills of an advanced detector. 

If there was such a machine that could provide all this necessary data on a display, would it change the way you hunt?

The Garrett GTI 2500 is that machine. 

It’s designed to save you time, detect all metals, and to allow you the choice of digging it up or moving on. 

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: Graphic Target Imaging

Worst Feature: VLF

👌 Ideal For: All Terrains, Shallow Water, Gold, Coins, Relics, Jewelry, Competitions, Experts, Beginners

  • Graphic Target Imaging
  • True All Metal Mode
  • Fast Track Ground Balance
  • Last Mode Switching
  • Electronic Pinpointing

Our Verdict: The GTI 2500 does it all.  Detect deeper, get more data, and find the treasures worth digging up.  Based on our findings, the Garrett metal detector is worth it. 

Who is the Garrett GTI 2500 Best Suited to?

The GTI metal detector is priced under $1000, so it attracts many hobbyists of varying skill levels.  However, while beginners may find the GTI an expensive model to start off with, it can be an excellent first-time buy due to its intuitive interface.  However, it will take some learning to maximize its potential.  Serial hobbyists should quickly get a grasp on all the controls and features. 

How Does the Garrett GTI 2500 Perform?

The GTI is a Very Low Frequency detector operating at 7.2 kHz.  As this is considered the middle ground, or sweet mid-range, it has the ability to find various targets both highly conductive and less so.  You can also adjust up to eight detection frequencies when competing with others or experiencing electrical interference. 

Because the GTI operates at such a low frequency, its longer wavelengths can penetrate ground deeper than ever.  While it’s rated to 12”, users have found they can detect objects 16” plus.  But, knowing what the object is before you dig is what the GTI does best. 

Features & Benefits

Graphic Target Imaging

Treasure Vision is the name of the technology behind the graphic target imaging feature.  It’s designed to provide the user with an extraordinarily precise identification of the target’s size, depth, and type of metal.  It even goes a step further in identifying coin denominations, gold, silver, and other types of metal. 

It will take a brief of the manual to become accustomed to reading the data on the display.  Letters A-E will indicate the size of the target while the upper scale provides reference to the target’s conductivity and strength, allowing you to determine what type of metal it is. 

The object detected will be placed within the table to indicate its depth.  The screen has a backlit display, so you’ll be able to hunt whenever the mood strikes. 

True All Metal Model

If you’re into deep relic hunting or even gold prospecting, you want the deepest detection possible.  For the best results, you must go into All Metal Mode.  This mode has zero discrimination, so it will pick all types of metal you come across. 

One of the important factors of using this mode is that it can remain accurate over varying soil conditions.  Fast Track will ground balance the detector automatically while Auto Track will continue to keep ground balance as you cover ground. 

Fast Track Ground Balance

Fast Track is a setting within the Auto Track feature.  Auto Track is the metal detector’s ability to automatically ground balance regardless of the conditions.  It has three speeds: slow, medium, fast.  Using Auto Track in fast mode is one way to activate Fast Track. 

It allows you to cover high mineralization areas as Auto Track continues to provide optimum ground balance.  However, manual ground balancing can also be performed. 

Last Mode Switching

Last Mode is a convenient feature that allows you to use Zero or All Metal Mode and then return to any of the Discriminate modes to quick-check the target for more specific information.  Speaking of detection modes, you have Coins, Relics, Jewelry, Zero, and Custom modes.  Don’t forget, you also have true All Metal Mode to take advantage of. 

Electronic Pin Pointing

Zero in on your target with the electric pinpointing mode.  Once you’ve found where you need to dig, activate Pinpointing and use Treasure Vision to recover your treasure.  You can also use Pinpointing for quick-checking troublesome areas like hot rocks. 

You’ll likely get a signal with your electronic pinpointer to which you switch out to Zero mode.  If the signal remains the same, it’s a hot rock.  Go back into All Metal Mode and move on.  If the signal changes even slightly, you may have something there that’s worth investigation. 



The GTI’s very-low frequency design is only listed as a limitation because of the noise and chatter that occurs in areas with excessive mineralization and hot rocks.  It’s not a design flaw of the GTI as it is a flaw of all VLF machines. 

Even with the ground balancing and sensitivity features of the Garrett metal detector, it may still struggle with black sand, salt, and all the like. 

With that said, the GTI actually has a Salt Eliminated mode that allows you to hunt at the beach or where there are areas with high salt content and wet salt. 

Popular Questions

Is the Garrett GTI 2500 Waterproof? 

The GTI is waterproof up to the control box.  The searchcoils and shaft are fully waterproof and submersible within shallow salt and fresh water.  However, the control box is not waterproof, so you must take care when around water. 

What Batteries does the Garrett Metal Detector Take?

The GTI operates best with alkaline batteries.  You’ll need 8x AA batteries with four in each battery pack.  The detector is also compatible with rechargeable batteries.  However, it’s recommended that you use only one type at a time in both battery packs to power the metal detector.  Alkaline batteries can provide up to 35 hours of operation while rechargeable batteries can provide anywhere between 25-35 hours of operation. 

It’s also highly recommended that you remove the battery packs after use, especially if the metal detector will remain unused for several weeks at a time. 

What Accessories are Included with the GTI 2500?

The GTI comes with two searchcoils: 9.5” concentric imaging coil and a 12.5” PROformance concentril imaging coil.  It also comes with MS-2 headphones (land-based), a Camo Universal Detector Soft Case, and a GTI environmental cover up. 

What is the Eagle Eye? 

The TreasureHound Eagle Eye is a Garrett searchcoil.  It’s very large, but it will increase your depth detection range by 2-3 times more on large targets at twice the depth of standard searchcoils.  It does require additional cost for the purchase of the Eagle Eye.  You should also be aware that the GTI 2500 already weighs 4 lbs 8 oz with the 9.5” searchcoil attached.  Switching out the searchcoil with the Eagle Eye will tack on more weight. 


The GTI 2500 metal detector is right up there with the best VLFs in the market.  It provides an extreme amount of accurate data, is compatible with many searchcoil sizes, and has multiple detection modes for finding all sorts of treasure. 

It would be nice if it was fully waterproof or lighter in weight, but the advanced tech and detailed results is worth the compromise. 

Its high-performance, accuracy, and intuitiveness are ready for the taking by any hobbyist looking to improve their success rate and reduce digs of junk. 

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