Garrett ATX Metal Detector Review

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The Garrett ATX Extreme Pulse Induction metal detector is a highly advanced machine that is intended for use by professionals and gold prospectors. 

It can handle multiple terrains including black sand and salt environments.  It’s waterproof and submersible, collapsible for travel, storage, and diving, and it has ground balance to further fine-tune your detecting needs. 

The ATX comes with multiple accessories that adds value to its high price tag even though it may still be out of your budget. 

However, if you have the cash to pull the trigger on this metal detector, you won’t be sorry, especially when you strike gold! 

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: Pulse Induction Technology

Worst Feature: Price

👌 Ideal For: Experts, Professional-use, Gold Prospecting, Relics, Jewelry, Coins, Beach, Water, All Terrains

  • Pulse Induction Technology
  • Ground Balance
  • Depth Detection
  • Waterproof
  • Collapsible & Compact

Our Verdict: The ATX Extreme is an exceptional buy if you can afford it.  With its military-grade build and outstanding high-end features, it’s a serious instrument made for only the hardcore hobbyists and professionals around. 

Who is the Garrett ATX Extreme Pulse Induction Best Suited to?

The ATX metal detector is one the of best pulse induction detectors in its price range.  As such, it comes equipped with every feature you’d love to have on PI machine including ground balancing, waterproofness, and high sensitivity for detecting all targets regardless of depth and terrain. 

Put simply, this isn’t a metal detector for a newb.  Gold and relic prospectors, game wardens, law enforcement, and archeologists will find the accuracy and performance of the ATX will meet their high standards. 

How Does the Garrett ATX Extreme Pulse Induction Perform?

Exactly how you would expect a PI machine to perform – excellently.  The ATX Extreme truly outperforms VLF metal detectors in every way, and even many PI detectors in the market. 

While PIs are made to detect deeper with higher sensitivity to all metal targets while excluding highly mineralized environments, they can still struggle with iron.  This is why you may see many PIs with a magnet attached to a digging scooper.  However, the ATX is extremely efficient on the beach with heavy black sand areas. 

The fact that it can also detect both small and large gold nuggets, large caches, platinum jewelry, and so much more regardless of the environment is testament in itself that this metal detector is legit. 

Features & Benefits

Pulse Induction Technology

The Garrett ATX uses PI technology with frequencies at 18-19 kHz with 730 pulses per second.  PI is desired for its increased detection depth and lack of response to ground mineralization.  These types of detectors are excellent for gold prospecting as iron minerals are commonly found around gold veins. 

By eliminating the potential for a response from iron without reducing sensitivity, you can pick up signals from small and low conductive targets like gold nuggets. 

What’s even more unique about the ATX metal detector is its push-button automatic frequency scan.  Using this function will allow the ATX to automatically adjust its frequency for the quietest operation to eliminate signal interference. 

Ground Balance

Yep – the ATX has ground balancing.  Not all PI detectors come with ground balancing, so to have this feature will be incredibly convenient for the various types of terrains you’ll be hunting in.  The first thought for needing ground balance is typically salt.  While the PI is inherently immune to saltwater, you have ground balance to adjust it if necessary.  You don’t have to go into a special mode to ground balance to ironstone or saltwater. 

When ground balancing for every new environment you hunt, you’ll first hear audio indicating the level of mineralization in the ground.  Low and weak audio indicate a lightly mineralized environment while strong and loud audio indicate heavily mineralized ground.   When you’re in an area where ground mineralization is constantly changing, it may be helpful to use the Ground Track feature to slowly and continuously detect ground mineralization to properly ground balance as needed. 

Depth Detection

The depth detection of any metal detector will vary greatly based on its design and features and the type of metal, size, and orientation of the target.  However, the ATX is outfitted with necessary features to go deeper than many surface exploration metal detectors such as VLF (Very Low Frequency) units.  It can detect coins and coin-sized objects at 12-18”, can-sized objects at 24”, and even larger targets at greater depths. 

The ATX is also compatible with the 15” x 20” DeepSeeker searchcoil for detecting large, deeply buried objects.  However, it may be sold separately depending on the package you purchase.    


The Extreme metal detector is submersible up to 10 feet.  Since the control box lacks a visual display, it’s been designed to handle the demands of underwater use.  It even has an external, waterproof speaker.  However, you must use waterproof headphones if your intention is to completely submerge the metal detector and go diving with it. 

Collapsible & Compact

The ATX has a telescopic shaft that hides the coil cables.  This is part of its waterproofing and collapsible design.  Its total length is adjustable from 68” to 20”.  Its fully extended length is longer than most metal detectors offer, and yet, it can collapse down to 20” into the shortest and most compact configuration for diving.  Y

ou can also fold back the coil due to its rear mounted hinge, so you can hunt with it in a 90-degree configuration or for compact storage. 



The Garrett Pulse Induction detector is an expensive buy.  It’s not everyday that even a serial hobbyist will spend this much on a metal detector.  With that said, it does have a long list of high-end features that promise high-performance.  You’re also paying for its military-grade housing, submersible and collapsible design, and the included accessories. 

While we have listed its high price as a con, it’s also a value buy when comparing it to similar PI metal detectors in the market.  Do the research, make the comparisons, and remember the Garrett ATX as worth the price. 

Heavy for Land Use

The ATX weighs 6.9 lbs (3.13 kg).  It’s a heavy metal detector to drag around for land use, but with its exceptional features and performance, it can’t be beat on land.  If you had one, large budget to purchase just one, high-end metal detector, the ATX should seriously be considered.  You might find that its advantages far outweigh its hefty poundage.  You may quickly forget its weight once you find that deep cache. 

Popular Questions

Are the Headphones Waterproof?

For the price, you would expect that a pair of waterproof headphones would be thrown into the buy.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.  The included headphones MS-2 headphones are intended for land-base use only.  However, the cable itself can be submerged underwater but the headphone muffs cannot.  To take full advantage of the ATX’s ability to go underwater, you’ll need to purchase waterproof headphones separately. 

Does the Garrett ATX Come With a Hard Case?

This package is the ATX DeepSeeker package that includes a military-grade hard case.  The ATX Extreme also comes with a soft carry bag, MS-2 Land headphones, 8x AA and rechargeable batteries, rechargeable battery charger, and a Garrett Detector Sling.  Coils included are the DeepSeeker 20” closed searchcoil and a 12” DD open searchcoil. 

What Modes does the ATX Metal Detector Have?

The ATX Extreme metal detector operates in All Metal Mode with zero discrimination, however, it does have 25 discrimination settings, Iron Check and Iron Audio (with use of the DD coil), and adjustable threshold. 

What Kind of Warranty does the Garrett Metal Detector Come With?

This metal detector comes with Garrett’s 2-year limited warranty.  Be sure to register your metal detector with Garrett and look for the “Garrett Made in USA” seal.  The serial number should also be verified with Garrett. 


This metal detector is built like a tank, and it may feel like it sometimes, but when you’re digging up treasure that you would have otherwise missed with any other machine, you’ll soon forget its weight. 

You can use it in every type of terrain from the surf to the desert without it showing worse for wear.  Detecting gold nuggets and even bullet casings to make a case against poachers is what this detector was made for. 

The Garrett ATX Extreme Pulse Induction metal detector will have you wondering if it’s worth the money.  The best confirmation is to get your hands on one and test it out for yourself. 

The only downside is that you can never go back to inferior machines once you’ve had a taste of handling a high-end Garrett.

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