White's TreasurePro Metal Detector

White’s TreasurePro Metal Detector Review

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The TreasurePro metal detector by White’s has a steeper price tag than its basic cousin, the Coinmaster

But, with the price jump comes advanced features that will improve your ability to detect in various ground conditions and increase your success rates at finding more treasures. 

In the grand scheme of things, the TreasurePro is still an entry-level detector, but it has some necessary features that will prove to keep intermediate users satisfied. 

Things like auto and tracking ground balance, a VDI display, 8 audio tones, and more. 

For the beginner looking for an added advantage in the field, this detector is worth checking out. 

Update: In June 2020, Whites’ announced that they were suspending their operations and Garrett Electronics announced their acquisition of White’s Electronics in October 2020. As a result, the White’s TreasurePro is no longer available. Check out our list of the best all round metal detectors for some great alternatives.

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: Auto & Tracking Ground Balance

Worst Feature: Limited to Coinmaster Coils

👌 Ideal For: Shallow Water, Gold, Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Beginners, Intermediates

  • Auto & Tracking Ground Balance
  • Tone Identification
  • 5 Search Modes
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • Backlight
White's TreasurePro

Our Verdict: If you have the budget to spare, the TreasurePro is definitely an upgrade from White’s Coinmaster.  It has some extra features that are more than worth having on a detector, but it retains its ease of use and simplicity.  The TreasurePro provides more than just the basics and will further advance a beginner’s detecting skills. 

Who is the White’s TreasurePro Best Suited to?

The White’s TreasurePro metal detector is still within the entry-level market and is aimed towards beginner’s looking for a little more versatility and a lot more quality.  While it will make a great starter detector, it also has enough to satisfy the intermediate looking for all the features without the added “stuff.”  Although it’s priced within the upper end of the entry-level class, it does have a hefty price tag.  It’s right within that range that will have you considering if you should spend a little more on a higher quality detector or if you should stick with the best of the entry-level market. 

How Does the White’s TreasurePro Perform?

The White’s detector is a single frequency VLF machine that operates at 8.2 kHz, so it’s going to be a coin shooter for sure.  It’s right within the sweet zone for finding small, highly conductive targets like coins, silver, and other little things like jewelry.  What about trash?  It can pick those up too, but with discrimination, you’ll be able to filter those out to spend more time finding the good stuff.  It’s searchcoil is waterproof, but the control box is not, so shallow water is in while submersion is out.  It has various modes to home in on various targets, and it does have a Beach mode, but more will be said on that later. 

Features & Benefits

Auto & Tracking Ground Balance

The TreasurePro detector has both automatic and tracking ground balance with two options to use these features.  Auto balance allows you to quickly ground balance without having to enter any numbers and is simple to do by sweeping the ground without any metal nearby.  Locking in this ground balance will allow you to move over the ground without having to ground balance again about 80% of the time. 

For the other 20%, tracking may be needed for highly mineralized areas.  It allows you to ground balance to a high mineral spot that might represent spotty points in this area.  The detector will reject all minerals that respond at this high value and lower to improve detection of desired objects.  It will automatically keep track of ground balancing as you move over this terrain. 

Tone Identification

Tone identification is the pitch produced that by a target within its identification range.  It allows you to quickly identify what type of metal it is without having to look at the display.  There are three audio tone modes to learn: 2-Tone, 4-Tone, and 8-Tone. 

2-Tone produces a low lone for iron and a higher tone for all other metals.  4-Tone produces a low tone for iron, medium-low tone for foil, medium tone for tabs, and high tones for all coins.  8-Tone produces varying levels of pitch for iron, foil, tabs, nickels, zinc and Indian heads, copper coins and dimes, quarters, and dollars.  Iron will have the lowest tone and dollars will have the highest tone.  In All Metal mode, all metals will have one tone.  If a metal is discriminated, it will be silenced. 

5 Search Modes

The advertising for the White’s TreasurePro says there are five search modes, however, there are two that are established: Coin & Jewelry and Beach.  The other modes are not specifically established as “search” modes in the manual, but it can be assumed that All Metal, DISC (Discrimination)/High Trash Mode, and PinPoint complete this list. 

Adjustable Threshold

It’s a real treat to have an adjustable threshold feature.  This allows you to hear all signals from all targets, but you can adjust the strength of the signal from targets you don’t necessarily need to hear.  For example, you can adjust the threshold, which sounds like a constant buzz or hum, so that you can hear signals from targets like iron and trash items so that it is very weak while still hearing signals from good items loud and clear.  When passing over a ferrous target, the threshold may “null,” and you would need to slow down your sweeping and movement to allow the detector to recover so that you don’t pass over a good target within its proximity. 

Why would you want to hear weak signals from these items instead of silencing/discriminating them out?  Sometimes, relic hunters want to know they’re still in the right area when they’re searching for goods.  Sometimes, weak signals that may come off similar to iron may in fact be good targets buried very deep.  It’s also an excellent method to detect good targets that may be adjacent to undesirable ones.  Learn to play with this feature to get an idea of how it works and what the recovery speed is for this model. 


The TreasurePro has a backlight function for lighting up the screen when you’re hunting in lowlight or dark conditions.  This is extremely helpful to improve visibility and extend your hunting time.  However, the backlight is an on/off function only as it does not have an adjustable brightness setting. 


Limited to Coinmaster Coils

Many entry-level detectors don’t come with the ability to change out coils to higher end ones, and the TreasurePro is limited to the selection within the Coinmaster series of coils.  It’s not a bad thing, but if you wanted access to high-end searchcoils, your search will come up fruitless. 

Not Necessarily for the Beach

The TreasurePro has a Beach mode that’s supposed to allow for ground balancing to wet sand and saltwater.  However, even with its ground balancing features and the ability to decrease sensitivity, you may find that it still struggles to detect efficiently in these conditions regardless of the adjustments you make.  It’s the nature of single frequency VLF detectors. 

Popular Questions

Is There an Internal Speaker on the TreasurePro?

The TreasurePro has a built-in speaker and a ¼” headphone jack.  You can use both audio options.  Headphones with adjustable volume control is included in the buy.  You can also adjust the volume of the speaker by accessing Options on the display and using the directional buttons to select Volume.  From there, use the + and – buttons to adjust volume. 

What Accessories are Included with the White’s TreasurePro?

Headphones, an arm strap, and 2x AA batteries are included in this TreasurePro package.  You get everything you need to get detecting right away.  Other accessories to buy in the future may be a carrying case for your detector and gear, searchcoil cover, weather cover up for the control box, and a digging tool. 

What Searchcoil comes with the White’s Metal Detector?

This model comes with a 10” DD waterproof searchcoil.  10” is a usually considered a large size, but it’s right within “standard” that is generally accepted as a good balance between depth and sensitivity.  It’s great for covering a good size area without compromising on detection depth and detecting a broad range of targets.  Its DD design also allows for better detection in mineralized soil and target separation.  The TreasurePro is also compatible with the Coinmaster series of searchcoils. 

Does the White’s Detector Have a Warranty?

The White’s TreasurePro metal detector comes with a manufacturer 2-year warranty.  The warranty period starts from the date of purchase.  The nice thing about it is that it’s a transferable warranty, so approved coverage will be granted regardless of the current owner.  It’s important to register the detector or at least keep the warranty registration card, and you must provide proof of the original date of purchase to claim coverage under the warranty. 


The White’s TreasurePro metal detector offers some great perks to help the beginner hobbyist improve their detecting skills.  There are some features on this model like Auto & Tracking Ground Balance, Adjustable Threshold, and Tone Identification (up to 8!) that you will not see on cheaper, entry-level detectors.  Additionally, it sets itself apart from the crowd as it’s made in the USA.  It fits the bill, it fits your needs, and it’ll fit in your trunk. 

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