AmySports MD3030 Metal Detector

AmySports MD3030 Metal Detector Review

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The MD3030 metal detector is made by AmySports, a small-time brand that seems to specialize in different products and distributes their gear through online retailer sites. 

As such, it’s an inexpensive detector designed with basic features for the entry-level market. 

This model will do exceptionally well as a family and shared detector that everyone can use and enjoy.  Even though it’s designed for adults, its lightweight frame and simple LCD screen will be easy enough for kids to use. 

But, for such a low price from what you could consider a generic brand, is it worth it? 

Let’s find out. 

At a Glance…

✔️ Best Feature: 3 Tone Audio

Worst Feature: No Batteries Included

👌 Ideal For: Shallow Water, Coins, Relics, Jewelry, Beginners, Kids

  • 3 Tone Audio
  • Discrimination
  • Notch Mode
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Volume Adjustment

Our Verdict: As a starter and recreational metal detector the entire family, the AmySports MD3030 is a great choice.  You don’t have to overspend for the real features you need to detect and dig up real treasures.  It’s a legitimate device made for those who want the best of the entry-level options at this price point. 

Who is the AmySports MD3030 Best Suited to?

The MD3030 is not a kid’s toy as it has real features to improve performance and detection.  However, its simple operation and light weight of approximately 2 lbs makes it an ideal metal detector for kids, adults, and those with arm or shoulder injuries where heavier detectors could inhibit detecting performance in the field. 

It’s also an excellent option for the single user who wants to spend as minimal as possible without going into the “toy” category.  For basic features on a budget, the MD3030 stands out from the crowd. 

How Does the AmySports MD3030 Perform?

The detector is a VLF single frequency unit operating at around 6 kHz.  It comes with a 10” concentric searchcoil that is waterproof and provides good ground coverage.  The MD3030 model is a surface exploration detector, so its optimal depth detection range is from 3.6-6”. 

With adjustable settings, you may be able to find larger objects even deeper in ideal soil conditions.  The detector also has a Target ID feature and scale with segments for Iron, Nickel, Pull Tabs, Zinc, Copper, and Silver.  However, these segments are termed Iron, 5 c, P-TAB, ZN, 1c, and 25c. 

Features & Benefits

3 Tone Audio

Unlike many entry-level detectors at this price point, this model has three audio tones: low, medium, and high.  On this detector, the high tones indicate US modern quarters, half dollars, and copper.  The medium tone indicates pennies, nickels, aluminum alloys, and gold jewelry.  The low tone indicates iron and steel.  Many basic models will only provide one or two tone distinctions.


You have adjustable discrimination to increase or decrease the sensitivity of detecting unwanted metals.  This is a great feature when you want to eliminate signals from trash items and ferrous objects.  The default search mode is an All Metal mode where there is no discrimination and all metals are detected at maximum depth.  Once you set discrimination, you’ll be customizing your search mode to eliminate signals from targets at the DISC level you set it to. 


To have an adjustable notch setting is excellent.  It’s different to discrimination as it allows you to reject or accept signals from targets by category via the Target ID scale.  This feature is provided as a supplement to the Discrimination mode. 

Adjustable Sensitivity

The AmySports metal detector allows for adjustable sensitivity by six levels.  You can use this feature to dial out excessive chatter from electrical magnetic interference and ground signals.  Since the ground balance is preset, being able to adjust sensitivity will improve quality detecting. 

You will dial it down when you hear too much “noise,” but it may cause you to miss good objects buried below.  Dial it down just enough to where the chatter isn’t masking signals from positive detection of good objects. 

Volume Adjustment

Even some of the entry-level to mid-range detectors that cost twice to three times as much as this one lack a volume adjustment on the control box.  To have this feature on such a cheap metal detector is worth noticing. 

Without the use of headphones, you can adjust the volume where it is very loud.  To improve interpretation of signals and their tones, and of course, to promote privacy in public, it’s best to use metal detector headphones.  There is a connection jack for headphones found right on the front of the display. 


No Batteries Included

There’s not really any disappointing feature about the MD3030 detector.  It’s better than expected for its price, and if you know what to expect and how to use it, you won’t be left wanting.  So, we had to point out that 2x 9V batteries are not included with the purchase of the AmySports detector. 

It’s not a big deal since they are reasonably cheap to purchase from many stores and online.  If you buy them beforehand, you’ll have them ready to get detecting the moment you receive your MD3030. 

Popular Questions

Are Instructions or User Manuals Provided with the AmySports Detector?

Unfortunately, it seems that there are no such manuals provided in the package.  You’ll have to do some study and research online to get familiar with ins and outs of using a metal detector, but the greatest learning method would be to get out there and play around. 

Are Headphones Included with the MD3030 Metal Detector?

Yes!  Land-based, wired headphones are included.  You’ll also receive the searchcoil, carry bag, and a foldable shovel

Is the AmySports MD3030 Adjustable?

The MD3030 has an adjustable stem from 33-41”.  It’s long enough for average-sized adults and can be retracted for shorter and younger users.  Its light weight of 2-2.5 lbs makes for a convenient frame for all users that want to hunt for hours at a time. 

Can the Metal Detector Detect Gold?

The MD3030 can find gold jewelry, but it is not recommended for gold prospecting.  It operates at a far too low frequency, and it lacks ground balancing adjustments to cater for ground signals in areas where gold is often found.  If a nugget is large enough and you can distinguish its tone from the chatter in these highly mineralized soils, you may get lucky, but it’s not designed for prospecting. 

Is the AmySports MD3030 Metal Detector Waterproof?

The searchcoil is waterproof and designed for shallow water use up to 10”.  The control box and all connections are not waterproof.  However, freshwater areas are safe for operating the MD3030, but it will not ground balance in high salt areas like wet sand and saltwater at the beach. 


The AmySports MD3030 may be another generic, budget metal detector, but it has more than a few features that sets it above its competition.  Adjustable settings, Target ID, push-button LCD interface, and its light weight are the features that stand out.  Compatible for use by all members of the family, it would make a great addition to your family camping trips, picnics, and detecting hunts. 

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